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Playbox Campaign News

Last night the kids had their fortnightly meeting where they plan their ideas and then we hosted the meeting that they’d invited adults along to.

Thanks to the two adults and two children who joined us, and to those who made offers and couldn’t make the meeting.

We had a fundraising update.

Our total raised is now £4185.66 – which is amazing 🙌🏻 in such a short space of time.

We reached the Crowdfunder target and currently have £2527 in there which includes £1250 from Wigan Councils match funding and £200 that the kids successfully pitched for at Community Cash. The remaining £1658.66 is in the SBHG bank account. This includes two large donations. One anonymous donation of £500 and a £600 donation from Eddie who ran a 10k for a group that couldn’t get pass the red tape to sort what he’d raised money for and so he’s donated it to the playbox group. 🙏🏼 The children are so thankful for every single donation and for believing in them and their ability to make change where they live.

Last night was all about offers and these are some of the fundraising offers we’ve received so far.

Susan offered to raffle a 6ft x 3ft snooker table that has just been re-covered and introduce a donation scheme for jigsaw loan and swap at CommUnity Corner

Lisa offered to raffle a £150 party face painting package.

The manager at Barclays Bank Wigan has offered a cake sale.

Beech Hill Primary School have offered to support the campaign any way they can and are organising a cake sale.

Tracy said she’d chat with the guides about organising something 

Ben suggested that the children compose a letter and send it to all local businesses.

Amanda suggested that we set up a lottery and that people pay £2 a month by standing order. Each month there’s a draw and the winner takes half of the money collected. So if there’s 20 members that would be £10 and if there’s 1000 members that would be £500.

We also talked about high value raffles – say a Dyson hair dryer or an air fryer on a £2 raffle ticket.

What do you think of the ideas suggested?

Which ones would you support?

Do you have any others to add?

The kids also made some thank you cards for some of the crowdfunder donators who had claimed one of the prizes in return for their donation.

And designed this amazing poster for the next stage of the fundraising campaign.

If you and your kids would like to get involved in the campaign we usually meet after school on a Tuesday once a fortnight. Get in touch.