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Cakes for Cash

An idea that has come up a few times in the playbox meetings to raise cash has been that of a cake sale.  So with Valentine’s day just around the corner, our local budding entrepreneurs got to work.  Ava and Ava negotiating a deal with Beech Hill Primary School and capitalising on the marketing opportunity the stage was set for spreading some love in the shape of sugary snacks

On Tuesday Alyse, Alexa, Ava and Esme got to work baking cakes at St Annes and asked teachers and neighbours to help where they could.  Some were dropped off at CommUnity Corner, others donated by teachers, school staff and parents.  Baker of the week without doubt was Ava. Her brownies, cookies, lemon and cornflake cakes would have looked at home in any cafe.

The stall was staffed at the end of the school day by Gracie, Ava, Ava and Daisy with some help from Irene, Lisa and Joanne and safe to say it was a sweet success!

Thanks to the support of the parents, children and staff of Beech Hill Primary School we added a brilliant £127 to the PlayBox fund bringing total raised so far to £4153