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Summer Play

Pound for Playbox

In Summer 2023, thanks to some support from Awards for All and the local Councillors
Brighter Boroughs Fund, we were able to bring a Playbox to Beech Hill Play Park for two

We hired the Playbox off the extraordinary Emma of Playful Anywhere

Families and people of all ages had so much fun that when summer ended, a group of people
came together, led by children, with a bold dream to raise enough money to buy our own. You can see how much fun we had together here.

We need to raise approximately £18,000 to buy, install and equip our own playbox. This
might seem like a lot of money, well it is. It includes costs for installing a base, utilities and
planning permissions so that the playbox can be used to host all kinds of things when the
weather is rubbish as well as when it’s nice and warm.

This page has been created so that you can keep up to date with the Playbox Pound for a
Playbox Campaign and join in with it if you like.

The idea for the name of the campaign came from the fact that if every household in the
ward donated just one pound, we’d have £6400 in the bank. How amazing would that

The Campaign Story

September 2023 – we started meeting in the park to chat and dream about owning our own Playbox. Received our first £30 donation.

October 2023 – asked Media Cubs to work with us to help create a campaign

November 2023 – made fundraising plans for the Christmas period and asked for stalls at St
Andrews Christmas Fayre and the Wellfield Hotel Christmas Fair. Made a successful pitch to
community cash for £200.

December 2023 – created the campaign films and launched the crowd funder. Ended the year with £1080 in the Crowdfunder and £558.66 in the bank. The Crowdfunder money will be doubled by Wigan Council up to a maximum of £2000. So really, we ended the year with a massive £2,718.66 in the bank.

Made a Christmas update to thank people for donating and had fun adapting a well known Christmas song.

Money raised so far

The £558.66 has been raised from:
£30 donation for an interview with Angela in the park in the summer holidays
£22.37 donations from community play at St Anne’s
£89.49 donations from community play at St Andrew’s
£100 donation from Pearl Street for their street party at the Community Awards
£97.75 from St Andrews Christmas Fayre
£200.05 from Wellfield Christmas Fair
£19 from 5 individual donations

Christmas Fayre

Want to get involved? Here’s how

Join the Facebook campaign group
Follow this page and keep up to date
Email to find out more about the meetings
Help with fundraising
Donate Now!