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Ey Up – Edition Three

Well we’ve done it again! A real community led effort. Our local magazine, produced by us and for us, packed full of good news and the amazing clubs, associations, groups and events that we offer together.

As usual, delivering the magazine is a whole community effort. We love how everyone comes together to help get it out.

We know that everyone likes saving it too, especially if it has your photo in it, so here’s an online copy for posterity.

Northern Heart and Soul CiC used some of the monies received from Greater Manchester System Changers to fund the latest edition, as Awards for All said no to our application. Fingers crossed, they say yes to our resubmission before the Autumn edition. If they do, we’ll have enough money for four more editions over two years and we’ll be able to train local people as Community Reporters to collect more stories!

Please click or tap on the cover image below to read our latest edition