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Ey Up - Autumn 2023

Ey Up – Autumn 2023

Ey Up is delivered to all 6500 households in the community, although I expect we’ve missed one or two on the way. Now we’ve delivered it we can share the online version with everyone. We’ll also be putting some copies in community venues and so if you’ve not received a paper copy you can collect one from St Andrew’s Parish Centre or St Anne’s Community Centre.

Here is the online version below. Click the image to download a PDF copy.

Ey Up cover - Autumn - 2023

And what a community affair the delivery has been. Almost 50, yes that’s right 50, community members of all ages offered their time to deliver the magazine. Absolutely unbelievable. You can see some of them below. One of the things that we’ve been struck by is how many people enjoyed door step chats with people. And met people who might benefit from having a bit more company with others. We might do more of that in the future. Watch this space!

We’ve seen more people join the Facebook group, Whatsapp group and come along to the social spaces we have in the community as a consequence, which is what it’s all about. Becoming a more connected community.

This Autumn edition was funded by Awards for All, along with a contribution from the 3 local Councillors Brighter Boroughs monies and a little income from adverts from local community businesses.

We know that people have loved seeing themselves, their children or people they know in the magazine, and have enjoyed reading the stories too. We are going to do another bid to Awards for All to keep this going, and to enable young people to be more involved in writing it. We hope to have two editions a year for the next two years. Keep your eye out for the survey so that we can use that to demonstrate the appetite for more in the funding bid.

And for now, take a look at just a few of the people who’ve been making sure that Ey Up – It’s Wigan West Community News finds it way through your letterbox. Thank you to all who got involved and a big thank you to Springfield, Beech Hill and Gidlow CommUnity for demonstrating that community spirit is alive, well and growing round here!