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Kids - The Future

Kids – The Future

This year has seen us begin to work with Media Cubs so that we can involve children and young people in growing the community we know we all want to be part of, and at the same time children and young people can learn new skills in media. A career choice that children from working class communities are currently underrepresented within.

We started in May by inviting Media Cubs to work with Year 6 at Beech Hill Community Primary School. This is the film they produced and proudly showed off to their parents, carers and neighbours at a celebration event. Northern Heart and Soul CiC, shared some community cash they’d received to enable this.

We were then able, thanks to some support from the Council and the Holiday Activity Fund, to invite Media Cubs to join us at the Playbox over summer for a couple of days where this amazing film was created.

Northern Heart and Soul CiC have offered some more cash to take this to another school in the community and as they are members of the organising group for the community, are hoping to secure some money to create a media club for children in the local area. Imagine, if one day, half of Ey Up is written by the kids, talking about things that matter to them ,sharing stories and working together to make this place a great place to live, work and play.